March 22, 2017

Our Team

The groomers at Clayton Pet Spa are what make the grooming experience so special. Get to know each member of our grooming family and make an appointment with one of them today!

Galina Podokshik
Owner and Senior Stylist
Galina Podokshik has been in the grooming business for over 15 years. A life-long dog lover, she has found her passion in working with all breeds, shapes, and sizes of dogs. She wanted to open a salon that would build a family instead of just a clientele base. Known as the “dog whisperer” she can find her own language with any personality to make sure that the grooming process always goes smoothly!
She has experience grooming all breeds and temperments and has worked on show dog grooms. In her free time, she likes to spend time outside with her dogs, visiting the Botanical Garden of St. Louis, swimming, or doing yoga.


Galina Reznikov
Senior Stylist

Galina Rezniokov has been working in grooming for 22 years. She is a registered member of the National Dog Groomers Association (NDGAA), a certified canine esthetician, who is currently working on her Masters of Grooming. She has attended more than 25 grooming seminars where she participated in hands-on workshops and professional development seminars. Galina is very good at what she does and loves sharing her talent with young groomers who are looking to learn about the trade.

Julia Ermolina
Assistant Groomer and Administrative Support

Julia Ermolina is the newest addition to the Clayton Pet Spa family. She has been with our team for two years now helps hold the fort down when things get crazy. She helps with bathing and pre-grooming when she is not making appointments and helping to make the customer experience the best that it can be! Originally from Moscow, Julia moved to St. Louis about two years ago. In Moscow, she was a composer and a well-known singer.