March 23, 2017


1. How much is the groom going to cost?

Unfortunately, we can only do rough estimates over the phone. Once you bring your pet to the shop, the price will depend on services provided, type of breed, as well as condition of the coat, extra brushing or hand scissoring. Pricing for extra services such as flea treatments and medicated baths will also depend on size and breed.

2. Should I bring vaccine records?

If you are a new client, we ask that you provide some form of proof that your pet is up to date on his or her shots. This is only required for their first visit.

3. How soon should my puppy get groomed?

Your puppy can begin getting familiarized with grooming as soon as the second round of “puppy shots” is completed. The sooner you bring your dog in for a groom the more comfortable he or she will feel during the process. They will get used to the grooming environment and have a much easier and stress-free experience if you start with basic services such as a bath and “tidy up” while they are young.

4. Are there any additional services that help with shedding?

Yes. We offer the FURminator service which uses a special set of products and tools to help get the undercoat thoroughly brushed through so that shedding is visibly reduced. A consistent grooming schedule paired with the FURminator treatment will make a huge difference in the amount of shedding your pet experiences. Prices for this service vary depending on size, breed, and fur condition.

5. My dog has a special skin condition, skin allergy, or is on medicine, can Clayton Pet Spa accommodate them?

Yes. If your pet has a special condition such as certain allergies, we will gladly use a special product you provide for us to make sure their condition is taken care of. We ask that you please warn us of any health conditions so we can prepare and accommodate your pet accordingly. If your pet needs to take medication during their visit to Clayton Pet Spa, please notify us ahead of time and provide us with the required medication.

6. How long does a groom take?

All of the services have a different time of completion depending on the busyness of the shop, the condition of the dog’s hair, breed, size, and cooperation. Quality is very important to us so we always take the time to do our best job and make sure the dog has time to get comfortable before beginning the service. Most owners drop their dogs off at an arranged time and the groomer calls them an hour prior to the grooming completion so the owners can come pick them up. Other times, the owner asks for a specific completion time and our groomer completes the request.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.